Best ways to increase your home value and make it look good

Increase Home Value tile floors flooring

Best ways to increase your home value and make it look good.

You may be thinking what are good ways to increase the value of your home. There are many ways you can go about this. Making positive changes to your home not only increases the value of your home but also leaves you feeling good. You can change all of this even on a tight budget. Generally these modifications are easy but take time.

Let’s go over a few quick ways to do this:

  • Clean or replace your tile floor
  • Keep appliances looking nice and clean
  • Increase the overall lighting
  • Reframe your front door
  • Organize your storage place, or create one if needed
  • Add another room
  • Curb appeal

You should consider consulting an interior designer or realtor. They can give you a professional advice on where you can improve and maybe even how. Most realtors will do this as a courtesy. On the other hand interior designers usually charge a consulting fee.
Another thing to consider, and probably more important, is to hire an inspector. Inspectors can find if there is anything serious you should be concerned about.

On a Budget Home Improvements

Bring life into your yard! – Planting a tree is probably one of the most cost effective and fulfilling improvements you can make. Of course it may take some time but it is worth it. Not only are trees beautiful but if placed properly they can reduce the cost of cooling by up to 40%

Install a water filtration to your faucet – installing a water filtration system to your sink cause save you a lot. It is also good for the environment because it reduces the need for plastic bottles. It is a very inexpensive add-on that will catch the eyes of home buyers.

A little paint won’t hurt – If you paint your house you will dramatically increase the value of your home. A gallon of paint can cover over 300 square feet. Secondly, A gallon of paint costs an average of $25!! What more can you ask for?


There are many things you can do to improve your home. If you start with the small things, it will make a big difference in your life later on. It has been said the way you keep your home is a reflection of the current state of your life. So keep on improving!