Dogs and wooden floors

Protect Your Wood Floors from Pets


We may love our furry little companions, but you probably wish they didn’t scratch up your wood floors. It might not be a big deal but scratches can be painful on your wallet if you are a renter. There are steps we can take to prevent such things.

Clean accidents right away

The best thing to do is to clean up any mess your four legged friend makes, especially if it’s on hardwood floors. You will be saving your floors from stains. Additionally you will be saving them from any warping.

Be careful what cleaners you use. You should avoid any cleaners with wax and petroleum because they damage your finish. Additionally you want to stay away from oil soaps, products with ammonia, or vinegar.

If you are you looking to really clean your floors be sure to get a good wood cleaning product. Other than that, a simple damp rag or towel will be enough for a quick clean up. Be sure to wash your hands after though!

Trim nails

It’s best to have your furry friend’s nails trimmed. Not only is good for your floors but it is good for them! However you should use nails caps even after you trim their nails.

Cover up

Using rugs can really save your floors from any further damage. Usually you would want to place rugs where your pets walk through the most. Don’t forget to place rug pads underneath the rug. After all they help protect both your floors from pets and the rough underside of the rug

Apply protective coating

If you want to go the extra you can always add a protective coating. Your floor may already have a finishing coat, however, it would be more beneficial to use another protective coating. Almost any surface finish with urethane or polyurethane will be enough to help protect your floors.