Radiant Heating

What is Radiant heating you ask? It is a system that supplies heat directly to your floors ,the panels in your walls, or even in your ceiling. This system works mostly with radiant heat transfer, which supplies heat from a hot surface and distributes it through infrared radiation. It sounds fancy, but it’s really just like having a stove in your floors.

Radiant heating of course has its advantages like:

  • More efficient than baseboard heating
  • Eliminates duct losses
  • Don’t have to worry about allergens that much, since it doesn’t distribute heat the same way as forced air systems
  • May increase the value of your home

Radiant heating is luxury most of us don’t even know about. You have experienced cold tiles on a winter day haven’t you? Finally flooring has moved into the 21st century! You can experience the warm tiles with the thanks to radiant heating.

Before you buy!

There are some things to consider before having this system installed. Firstly, radiant heating can be quite expensive. Although you are spending a good chunk of change, you will also be increasing the value of your home. Lastly you should know there are certain types of flooring that work more efficiently with it.

Read the list below to see what types of floors you would benefit more:

  • Natural Stone – Granite, Sandstone, and Travertine good choices but there are many more you can choose from. You’ll have a sensation of being out in nature stepping on your warm heated natural stone floor. What more could you ask for?
  • Tiles – When it comes to tile, Porcelain and Ceramic tiles are the way to go. They both conduct heat in a very effective way. Porcelain and Ceramic also aren’t prone to thermal expansion and contractions, meaning your floor should be safe from cracking.
  • Laminate – Laminate is probably just as good as tiles and offers that solid hardwood flooring look.

Radiant heating over is a good investment and something you should consider, especially if you live in areas with harsh cold winters.