Wood, Tile, or Both

Tile, wood ,or BOTH?

For a long time now people have been using tile floors more often than wooden. Not to say wood is terrible, some people just prefer the simplicity of wood.

There is a HUGE diversity in materials, sizes, and colors for tile! A couple examples are:
Traventine – Probably one of the most common types of tiles out there. It is a form of limestone deposited by hot springs.
Ceramic – Ceramic is extracted from quarries and then made into a mold.

Read the section below to find out what the pros and cons of both tile and wood floors are.

Pros of tile


  • One of the most important things about tiles is that they are very durable. Certain tiles can handle high temperatures.
  • Of course tile is also very resistant to chemicals.
  • Tile is by far the easiest to clean.
  • It is also easier to prevent fungus, mold and other bacteria with tile.
  • Eco-friendly since it is made of natural clay and materials.
  • You can pretty much make any design you wish with the wide variety of options.
  • Really affordable!!

Cons of tile


  • We all know about that pesky grime in between the tiles..
  • Tiles can very unforgiving if something decides to fall on it.
  • If you are retiling your floor it can be overwhelming due to the wide selection.
  • Outside weather can affect the temperature of the tiles.

Wood floors can bring up the value of your home. You know that feeling you get when you walk into a nice home and see a shiny glazed wooden floor.
Of course just because something looks good doesn’t mean it’s the best option. Here is a list of Pros and Cons

Pros of wood


  • As I mentioned earlier, wood floors will bring up the worth of your home.
  • It is pretty easy to maintain.
  • Good variety of choices to pick from.

Cons of wood


  • Scratches and other damages are noticeable and can make you feel like you need to fix it.
  • I’m sure you know how noisy hardwood floors can be.
  • Of course you should know by now that it will be pricey if you are installing brand new hardwood floors.
Woodlike tiles are exactly what it sounds like, tiles that look like wood. You get all the pros of having tile, with the natural and elegant look of having wood floors.